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Otorongo Negra
5 July
i only think i'm crazy but, in actuality, i'm just a silly depressed girl that laughs at herself to feel better. :)

i help mod _fucktards_. with that said, here's my information:

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my journal is eclectic as i am because i'm random by nature and will go on tangents without meaning to do so. i also write para_meu_nephew with my son, jayge.

i do not like false people. as a cancerian moonchild, i realize i can be moody but i am very even and mild mannered most of the time even if i'm in a funky mood. i have an odd sense of humour probably from watching a ton of BBC as i grew up so i'm not exactly a "typical" american. i have pleasant manners, thank you.

"It is a capital mistake," Sherlock Holmes told Watson, "to theorize before one has data. One begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

you should choose your words wisely and carefully and remember when they come flying back at you that they should be something that you might actually want to hear!

i am obsessed with:

Deism Rocks

a fantastic poem that fear_reasons posted and i decided to swipe:


If you circumambulated every holy shrine in the world
Ten times,

It would not get you to heaven
As quick

As controlling your

p.220, Love Poems to God, Translated by Daniel Ladinsky.

this journal is mainly friend's only but i do allow posting of anonymous comments (IP logged) in my journal. if you find me interesting or want to tell me to "f'k off", then please comment in the above linked post that you added me and i'll add you or address your comment - whichever the case may be. i don't check my info page very often so please do not feel that i'm slighting you or being rude by not adding you back if you don't tell me!! ;)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is love

The Doctor is Love
made by kaymyth

The Doctor is Love
made by kaymyth


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