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so there was this one day...

i feel i was wrong...

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dorkin it up
Otorongo Negra

i feel i was wrong...

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dorkin it up
i felt i was out of line for e-mailing constantina shortly after i sent that message yesterday. i decided on the way home to write her an apology and offer her some encouragement. here's what i sent:

Dear Constantina -

I want to apologize for that last e-mail. I do not want to get into a habit of having to get Brent to respond by sending you e-mails and voice messages. I want to let you know that I really appreciated that you let Brent know to call me on the 26th of October as he has been avoiding answering his phone or returning messages (voice and text). It saddens me that Brent shirks on his part in having our households run similarly with respect to Jayge. I want to commend you on taking that step over the summer as I am certain that wasn't a very easy e-mail to send to me.

I also want to take the time out in this e-mail to properly thank you as it has been on my heart to do so for some time. You have taken the initiative I have been expecting/asking from Brent since 1997. I also appreciate that it is you that takes time out of your busy day to send cards, write notes, and send packages to Jayge so he can enjoy them. I have noticed that it has been you that does these things and your efforts should be recognized. =)

Thank you for caring about Jayge. I know that you are indeed awesome to send these things to him especially now that you are so busy with the twins.

Take good care of yourself and get in some time for yourself. We tend to forget to take time out for ourselves once we become mothers.



i want to send her something (like i did for her mother) but i haven't made up my mind on what would be appropriate on top of where to send it. i have reservation that if i sent something to constantina and brent received it first, then she'd never get it. any suggestions?
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