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so there was this one day...

brent rant

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dorkin it up
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brent rant

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dorkin it up
you know what? that man has some nerve. you'd think he'd grow up after acting like a damned temper tantrum throwing toddler since 1997 would stop but no.

i e-mail him two months in advance that i'm due the week jayge would get off for winter break so to not schedule a flight. do you think he's even a bit understanding that i physically wouldn't be able to take jayge to the airport? no. he jumps my crap instead accusing me of not making arrangements to get jayge to the hospital and that i'm "pawning" my responsibilities off onto him.

excuse me? since when have i "pawned jayge off" onto anybody? is the fact that jayge wants to stay to be here for the baby's first christmas a crime? do you think any judge in the nation would say that it is unrasonable of jayge to want to stay in texas for this?

i nailed him in e-mail though. i wasn't very nice about it since i copied his mom and wife on the response:

(original notification e-mail)

Brent -

Jayge's last day of school before Winter Break is December 19th (http://www.katyisd.org/files/main/calendars/District_calendar.pdf). However, my due date to deliver my second child is December the 16th. Please do NOT schedule a flight as I will be unable to take him to the airport or pick him up.

I am giving you one day shy of two months notice which should be ample notification and plenty of time for you to make alternate plans should you wish.

Thank you,


(he responds with...)

--- On Mon, 10/20/08, Angevine, Brent <brent.angevine@clear-rcic.org> wrote:

From: Angevine, Brent <brent.angevine@clear-rcic.org>
Subject: RE: Winter Break
To: geojaguar@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 6:02 PM


First, Congratulations. I hope everything goes well with that.

As for the rest..

I'm not sure I'm following you here. You are just going to leave Jayge at home by himself during this time? Are his needs not going to be met? He isn't going to have anyone looking after him while you are in the hospital? Nobody is going to transport him to see you? While you are making plans to ensure Jayge's needs are met you also need to ensure that your responsibilities with getting him here are met. It's ridiculous for you to try to pawn off your responsibility on me for something going on in YOUR private life. This has nothing to do with me. You have family and friends and you need to take responsibility and make sure you can uphold your side of the agreement you made. If you cannot, then maybe he needs to come up here and stay here until you are able to. You are responsible to make arrangements for this. If it were something going on up here to where I could not pick him up or drop him off I would make arrangements to get him to and from the airport. I've done this before, and so have you. For me to pawn that off on you would be completely irresponsible, so how do you not see how completely irresponsible you are being?

It just so happens that one of my best friends moved to Houston. I could arrange to have him pick Jayge up and take him to the airport, but for you to pawn off YOUR responsibilities on ME is ridiculous. Before I make these arrangements, please confirm for me again that you are unable to uphold your responsibilities and make arrangements with your friends or family. Do I also need to make plans for someone to transport him to and from the hospital or do you conveniently have that one covered but not this one?


(so i responded with the spanking)

Thursday, October 23, 2008 8:45 AM

Brent -

Thank you and I appreciate your concern for Jayge's welfare during this upcoming time. He will be taken care of and for you to assume and blatantly accuse me otherwise was completely out of line.

After discussing the full options of going to Cincinnati or staying here with Jayge last night, he does NOT want to go to Ohio for Winter Break. Jayge was there for the twins' first Christmas and for you to demand he misses his new sibling's first Christmas is irrational. It is Jayge's very excited desire that he get to spend this Christmas with his new sibling and you need to respect that. His request would not be denied by any court as it is not absurd. Furthermore, Jayge is two years past the age where the courts will take into consideration his wishes as to how he wants to spend his vacation time. Please respect his wishes as you can no longer legally dictate what he does or does not do on his vacation time.

I am not sending him to Ohio for Winter Break against his wishes.
As for your statement of my "pawning off your responsibilities onto me", please note that I was not the one that delayed a Winter Break visit an entire week because I ran off to ski with my buddies or took off for a vacation to Mexico "with my entire family [minus Jayge]" so I could miss another Break thus shirking the responsibility of taking care of Jayge off onto my ex-spouse while my personal life took precedence. How about all your skipped scheduled weekend visitations while we lived in Ohio so you could go to parties to drug it up or hang out with your friends as "it's the only weekends I have off!"? Next time, it is in your best interest to make certain you are innocent of something before you go accusing someone else of what YOU do.

Also for your information, Jayge has requested to only spend half of his Summer Breaks with you as you do not do much with him and he is bored constantly. The last three summers he has called me at the beginning of July asking to come home! You think that was enjoyable to me to hear how crest-fallen he was that he HAD TO STAY?

Again, I have told you repeatedly to change your tune. I am certain the courts would be interested in the real reason as to why you always put up such a huge fuss for a kid you barely contact (and no, Constantina's cards, notes, and packages do not count as coming from dad and it pisses him off that she sends the things you should do). They would have to look at it as having different motives entirely - more along the lines of you consistently wanting to be spiteful.

Get over your self made importance in Jayge's life. What you actually do versus what you should do speaks the volume to your complete lack of involvement whether we were in Ohio or in Texas as your actions have NEVER changed! Jayge is not 2.5 years old like he was when you ran out and you can not keep treating him like a trophy to wrestle away from me. He needs you to be a SUPPORTIVE dad...not the selfish and self absorbed jerk you have been for over 12 years.


and for the record, i've NEVER had anyone pick up or drop jayge off for me at the airport. i've always done it myself and i had given brent gustavo as a backup but he's NEVER picked jayge up for me...only with me.
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