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so there was this one day...

an accident waiting to happen...

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Otorongo Negra

an accident waiting to happen...

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black jag run
yesterday jayge and i were nearly sandwiched by this idiot man driving his b.b.t. (Big Butt Truck) duly with license plates 55XX5H down mason road. mason abruptly loses the third left lane and this jerk acted like he owned the whole road. if God/my guardian angel (you decide) hadn't told me to look left, we would have been sandwiched onto a 4-door silver sedan on my right with the white duly on mt left. i applied brakes and the horn to avoid the guy. he didn't seem to hear me either and just kept going like nothing was amiss. i'm glad the person behind me didn't eat my bumper.

i'm not confident i'm out of the woods with avoiding an accident here either. i have been having a reoccuring dream of being t-boned in the passenger door at one of the major intersections i go through on my way to work. i've taken a hit from that side on 19 october 1992 and it is awful to slam into the door because your whole body hits the door at once. the dream added new stuff the other night where i'm yelling at the ems people to get me at an angle instead of being flat on my back and they are ignoring me completely even though i vow to file suit for ignoring me should they end up killing corban. i was quite furious in the dream. i get to the hospital and i'm still on my back. i yell at these people i'd rather be paralyzed than to lose him. then i woke up. *blah*

i dread my vehicle accident dreams. those tend to wind up real some version or another later. =/

these predictions can be too much for me at times. i'm too accurate with a lot of different things. i have no capability to make a prediction on the spot and they primarily come right as i'm waking up or i'm fully awake.
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